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Thursday January 11, 2018

Ann Wong, a junior at South Burlington High School (SBHS), began her internship with Joan Novelli, a freelance writer and editor based out of Burlington, as an independent study four years ago during eighth grade. When Wong reached high school, she continued her internship with the help of the SBHS Career Development Center (CDC). Through the CDC, Wong was able to keep track of and manage the hours spent interning, as well as ensure that her time devoted to her internship responsibilities was recorded in the CDC database.

Working with Novelli and Associates, Wong has served in various capacities centered around communications, from updating websites to writing newspaper articles. Over the years, her responsibilities have grown. “Joan has done a great job at making sure I am constantly changing up what I am doing and keeping me on my toes,” remarks Wong.

Novelli says, “Ann is comfortable moving between different topics, formats, and audiences, which is great because it provides opportunities to develop skills in new ways.”

Wong says that she appreciates how her responsibilities have increasingly been shaped around her personal interests. She explains, “In tenth grade, while I still focused on editing and writing for companies, Joan and I decided to gear the internship more towards my own creative writing.” Wong wrote several blog posts and participated in creative writing competitions as a part of her internship.

These opportunities provided Wong the ability to explore new interests, which have helped her gain a sense of her future goals. “This internship gives me an outlet for creativity and writing outside of research essays at school. I have the chance to have my work published while also editing other published works - something that is the perfect combination.”

Working with Novelli has also expanded and sharpened the intern’s writing and editing skills. Novelli comments on Wong’s performance, “Ann is now in her fourth year with this internship, and I’m constantly impressed with her skills, as well as her instinct for asking exactly the right questions. She has the sharpest eye for edits that I’ve seen in more than 20 years in the publishing industry.”

Wong is very grateful for her experience with Novelli and is excited to continue there through her final two years of high school. She says, “I’m not sure where the rest of the year will take me, but Joan always finds new and exciting projects for me to work on.”


SOURCE: Frankie Karnedy, SBHS CDC Correspondent