Sandy Walsh receives the Rotarian of the year Award at the changeover picnic for the South Burlington Rotary Club.

Walsh Earns Rotarian of the Year Honor

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Thursday August 07, 2014

This past June at what is informally referred to as the “changeover picnic”, members of the South Burlington Rotary Club took time to celebrate the accomplishments of the club for the 2013-2014 fiscal year and to present an annual honor to a member who most exemplifies the Rotarian value of “Service above Self”. This year the award was given to Sandy Walsh, a long time South Burlington resident who is a passionate and dedicated Rotarian. Her fellow South Burlington Rotarians recognized her contributions to the club and community by honoring her as the 2013-14 Rotarian of the Year.  Walsh is deeply appreciated by the club members for her willingness to help in a variety of projects as well as for her friendly, dedicated leadership. 

Walsh clearly enjoys supporting her community through being an active Rotarian.  During the 2013-2014 year, Walsh coordinated one of the largest annual fundraisers for the club, the 2014 Annual Golf Tournament. As a result, the club was able to raise significant funds to support Rotary charities and community projects and it was able to make the recent $5,000 donation to the Rick Marcotte Central School Playground Legacy Project. Additionally, she enthusiastically volunteers for the annual Nightmare Vermont event in October.  These two events are critical components of South Burlington Rotary’s efforts to provide financial support to various community groups and projects throughout the year. 

Walsh equally contributes to the community through the club’s service efforts. In recent years, she and her husband Bob hosted a Brazilian youth exchange student in attendance at South Burlington High School, organized and provided rides for a student teacher at SBHS and supported the work of the South Burlington Community Library’s Bookmobile. In previous years, she also organized the SB Rotary Club’s holiday gift giving program to children in local schools.

In addition to all this, for the past 15 years Walsh has held the critical role of club secretary, using her organizational skills to keep track of the myriad details for running the club and willingly helping members whenever they need to know something about club activities. Walsh has consistently demonstrated deep commitment to both the members and mission of Rotary. 
At the end of the picnic gathering, after nomination and a confirming vote by members, Walsh began her term as Club President for the 2014 – 2015 fiscal year, which runs through June 2015.  The club is looking forward to a busy year with Walsh at the helm.

South Burlington Rotary is a local club of Rotary International. Community members interested in learning more about Rotary and what the club does in the community are welcome to attend one of the weekly breakfast meetings Thursday mornings at Vermont National Country Club at 7:30 a.m.  For more information, visit us on Facebook or the web: