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Townsend Announces Re-Election Bid

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Thursday June 14, 2018

Maida Townsend, State Representative for Chittenden 7-4 since 2013, has announced that she is running for a fourth two-year term. She has served six years on the House Committee for Government Operations, the last two as chair of the committee.

“I am particularly proud,” says Townsend, “of committee work this biennium … bills which protect the statewide voter checklist, establish an ethics commission along with ethics requirements for officeholders, provide oversight of law enforcement, address systemic racism in state government, rewrite our 1770’s notary statutes, and update from the 1980’s our Administrative Procedure Act (the “rules” by which rules are promulgated across state government).”

She states that she is equally proud of her consistent constituent outreach and service. She cites her Town Meeting Day Report, which she distributes for 12 hours at Chamberlin each March; her End of Session Report, distributed each May/June door to door; her walk door to door each fall asking constituents what’s on their mind, and her Saturday mornings at Trader Duke’s.

“Additionally,” Townsend states, “constituents know me as a go-to problem solver. They tell me their problem, I do my research, and we figure out a way forward … sometimes imperfectly, but nonetheless forward.”

Looking ahead, Townsend says, “I remain focused in committee on accountability and transparency in government. This includes campaign finance reform, electronic communication and the Open Meeting Law, more work regarding law enforcement, and seeing the process started for removing the ‘overlooked’ slavery and indentured servitude still allowed by our State Constitution. Outside of committee, domestic violence remains an evil I am committed to working against legislatively. And I also am not done looking legislatively at regional governance of the airport.”