Under the direction of the school’s new music teacher, Erika Rito, RMCS students perform to a packed crowd, in an energy filled winter music program full of dance, rhythm, and fun.

The Joy of Music

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Thursday December 14, 2017

Parents, guardians, and family members were treated to an amazing, high energy winter music performance by Rick Marcotte Central School students in second through fifth grade. This was the first community concert performed under the direction of Erika Rito, the school’s new music teacher. The gymnasium was at standing room only capacity when the lights dimmed, the music started, and the students erupted in song and dance. The energy continued throughout the night with a program of 11 pieces, which incorporated dance, lights, percussion, instruments, and plenty of smiles.

According to Rito, she developed the program through a process of student improvisation. Ultimately all musical choices and motions included in the program were created and refined by the students themselves.

Through the evening’s performance, audience members were treated to a glimpse of what the music program, under the direction of Rito, is like for students at RMCS. Rito, who holds a “firm belief that music should be taught joyfully,” says, “In our music classroom, students often sing, dance, move, read, write, improvise, compose and play instruments - all while experiencing the joy of music and improving their musical literacy.”
The performance was a community event for the school with teachers, administrators, and families overflowing the gymnasium. The winter stage was decorated with three dimensional snowflakes made by the school’s fifth graders, who together with the Parent Teacher Organization and Paul Kolbenson, the school’s head custodian, created a beautiful backdrop for the performance.

“The winter music program was wonderful! Mrs. Rito brings so much energy to RMCS. Her music choices, use of props and instruments, made the show very special. All the students performed so well!” said Erin Sutherland, mom to a first and third grader.

“That was so much fun” said second grader Cody Eagle with a huge smile on his face, adding, “I love music class. We are always dancing, singing, playing instruments. I can’t wait for our next performance.”

There is a great deal of excitement for what the future holds for Rito’s music program, including the music teacher herself. Rito remarked, “Thank you so much for welcoming me with open arms to the RMCS community.”

SOURCE: Abby Crocker, RMCS PTO