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Second State Win for Sivakumar in Mathematics Talent Search

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Thursday May 24, 2018

South Burlington High School (SBHS) sophomore Ragulan Sivakumar has won the state Mathematics Talent Search for the second year in a row. Sponsored by the Vermont State Mathematics Coalition since 1993, the Mathematics Talent Search Program tests students across the state on arithmetic, geometry, algebra, and pre-calculus. In a ceremony at the DoubleTree Emerald Ballroom earlier this month, Sivakumar’s achievement was acknowledged by Saint Michael’s College mathematics professor George Ashline. Coalition Director Jean McKenny presented an award to Sivakumar, who has continued to excel at mathematics over his school career. He placed fifth in 2016 as an eighth-grader and tenth in 2015 as a seventh grader.

Vermont State Mathematics Coalition Executive Director Bob Chaffee said, “To hear Ragulan give the solution to a difficult problem, one would never believe that he is a high school sophomore! South Burlington should be proud.”

Sivakumar credits his father for his support and help in preparation, saying, “He has always been my teacher and my source of motivation throughout the years, even when progress has become difficult. Regardless of what I need, he is always willing to help, pouring in hours of effort for anything I need, making it that he really deserves all of the credit.”

Vergennes Union High School Sophomore Kai Williams was the second prize winner and John Graves, a senior at Mill River Union High School, was the third prize winner. Also in the top ten was Ananth Malladi, a senior at SBHS, who finished in the top ten last year as well. The winners are all invited to be a part of the team representing Vermont in the annual American Region Mathematics League competition at Penn State University June 1 through 3 and to attend, tuition-free, the 2018 Governor’s Institute in Mathematical Sciences to be held this June at the University of Vermont.

Regarding the competition at Penn State, Sivakumar adds, “I look forward to spending time with all of my math-minded peers,” adding, “and to the individual math contest as well.”


SOURCE: Carole Vasta Folley, The Other Paper