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Thursday November 08, 2018

Mirroring much of the country, voter turnout in South Burlington reached record levels on Election Day, and so did the number of same-day voter registrations.

“It was at the level of a presidential election,” said South Burlington City Clerk Donna Kinville of the turnout.

Just one day after City Manager Kevin Dorn announced early voting numbers reached a record of almost 3,000 in South Burlington ahead of a mid-term election, roughly 64 percent of voters cast ballots overall when the returns were tallied Tuesday night.

Kinville said of the 14,991 people registered to vote in South Burlington, 9,643 cast ballots, for a 64.3 percent turnout overall.

Even more unprecedented was the number of Election Day voter registrations. Vermont is one of 17 states and the District of Columbia, to offer Election Day, or same day voter registration, which allows citizens to register to vote and then cast a ballot at their polling place. Kinville did not know exactly how many same-day voter registration she and her staff logged on Election Day, but estimated between 300 and 400.

For a breakdown of federal, state and local election results, visit the Vermont Secretary of State’s website,


SOURCE: Lee Kahrs, The Other Paper