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Rain Garden Installation Enhances Library Entrance

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Wednesday November 21, 2012

The major flooding which occurred in the Library after an intense rainstorm on July 4th of this year resulted in an unexpected disruption of library services during the peak month of library use. Library Board of Trustees Chairperson, Nancy Simson, discussed the flooding problem with her daughter, Cari Simson, who is an Urban Planner in Seattle with a focus on Stormwater Abatement.  She suggested a rain garden to alleviate the problem.   Rain gardens are shallow depressions that are planted with deep-rooted plants and grasses that will help prevent runoff.  Nancy and her daughter met with the City Manager and key players from the School District and the City and their idea was accepted with enthusiasm.
The proposed rain garden will prevent flooding in the Library, as well as prevent flood waters from polluting the lake, and it will be a beautiful addition to the Library entrance.
The exterior berm in front of the Library has been excavated and will be replaced with the indentation and gravel which will be the basis for the Rain Garden.  The plantings will take place in the spring. 
The Library entrance will be closed for a short period of time while the front entrance walkway is repaved.  Patrons will have to enter the Library through the school.   We hope that this will only be an inconvenience for no more than 4-5 days.
Watch for plans for a beautiful garden in the spring.

SOURCE:  SB Library