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Letters Policy

We welcome your input, and encourage reader participation in an effort to stimulate reflection and discussion about all things South Burlington. Diverse and varied opinions are welcomed in response to SB public policy, community issues and concerns, and relevant topics of interest. 

Please be polite and uphold first rate, courteous, community standards for our community newspaper. In the interest of healthy civil discourse, stay on topic, keep it simple, and focus on your point respectfully. 

To encourage an open exchange of ideas, it is our intent to publish all letters, although that is not always possible. We reserve the right to reject letters or edit for clarity, brevity, good taste and accuracy, and to prevent libel.  

Deadline is Friday at 5pm for the next week’s issue.  South Burlington residents, business owners, and organizations may submit for consideration, only one letter each 30 days. Letters must be less than 350 words.  All submissions must be signed and include the writer’s street address and telephone number for verification purposes. (addresses and phone numbers will not be published)

The fine print: Please do not send open letters, form letters, letter writing campaigns, copies of letters sent to other publications, or letters signed by a group. Letters written in response to another letter should address the topic at hand, and not the author of the letter; please refer to the headline and date of the letter to which you are responding. We do not accept letters of endorsement or complaint about individual businesses.  ‘Thank you’ letters which include lists of businesses or individuals who have supported a cause, will be edited to remove the list.  During a political campaign, no letters will be printed the week prior to voting.



SUBMIT ONLINE BELOW or email to news@otherpapersbvt.com