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Thursday January 11, 2018

RMCS second graders pose with their teachers, Kelly Mahl and Katie Ransom, and Principal Brent Coon in front of the school-wide kindness calendar. The calendar provides students with inspirational ideas for “making 2018 one of a kind.”
The new year is off to a great start at Rick Marcotte Central School (RMCS) where second graders are leading the charge to help spread happiness throughout their school and community. Second grade teachers Kelly Mahl and Katie Ransom are using “kindness calendars” in their classrooms to encourage students to perform acts of kindness throughout the month of January. Each day there is a different activity for the students such as encouraging others to practice kindness, making homemade gifts to give away, or leaving a happy note for someone else to find. The students have group conversations about the activities each day and share stories about how they are spreading kindness to others.

The acts of kindness have expanded beyond their classrooms and the concept is being used across all grade levels. Mahl and Ransom created the large “kindness calendar” that hangs in the hallway to inspire all students and staff. “Sometimes you’ll see the fifth graders sitting in front of the ‘kindness calendar’ with their notebooks, writing down ideas of what they can focus on that week.” shared Ransom. Mahl adds, “We’ve heard from the first graders that they like to pick one thing a day to do.”

The second graders are planning to use kindness as the focus for an upcoming all school assembly that they will lead. The intentional reminder to be kind each day has been impactful for the students, and the plan is to continue the acts of kindness in fun and creative ways throughout the year.

Meanwhile, the kindness theme echoes in the hallways of RMCS with colorful paintings reminding others that “kindness is for everyone,” “always be kind at RMCS,” and to “believe in yourself every day.”

SOURCE: Abby Crocker, RMCS PTO