Killacky Wins District 7-4 House Race Over Davis

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Thursday November 08, 2018

In South Burlington’s only contested race for the Vermont House, Democrat John Killacky won the seat handily over Progressive Frank Davis, 1,653-435.

Reached at home after the results were posted Tuesday night, Killacky said he was overwhelmed and pleased with the win.

“I’m very grateful to my neighbors and for the opportunity to serve,” he said. “ I look forward to the next two years and the ways I can be helpful to the people of South Burlington and the people of Vermont.”

Killacky retired earlier this year after eight years as the executive director of the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts in Burlington.

Affordable wages, family leave, expansion of day care and pre-school opportunities, workforce development, affordable housing, and better protection for renters are all issues Killacky has stated would be his priorities if elected.

Davis threw his hat into the ring late as the Progressive candidate, announcing his bid in July after the Progressive Party Nomination Meeting. Reached Tuesday night, Davis said he is glad he ran.

“It was worth it,” he said. “I learned a tremendous amount. In a binary culture where everything is black and white, right and wrong, Democratic and Republican, Progressive doesn’t seem to enter the conversation.”

Davis added that he felt his showing in the race was “respectable”.
“I created 20 percent of the vote with literally nothing at all,” he said. “I think I did rather well. If I never run again, it was an extraordinary civics lesson. Not that I would necessarily take it off the table that I run again.

“I want to thank everyone who doorknocked with me, everyone who opened their door, and everyone who voted for me,” he added.

In The Other Paper’s candidate questionnaire published in the Oct. 25 issue, Killacky said he will continue advocating for shelters, food banks, affordable housing, education, theaters, museums, libraries, social service agencies, environmental and other nonprofits organizations.
Killacky said he voted early on Monday at city hall and marveled at how many people were there.

“People were standing in line to vote and it felt like we were given an opportunity to take our country back,” he said. “The people beside me were Republicans and Democrats and Progressives, and we were all standing together. The magnificent part of democracy is that we could be standing together in spite of our difference.”

Unopposed incumbent Democratic Senators Martin LaLonde , Ann Pugh, and Maida Townsend won re-election in Districts 7-1, 7-2, and 7-4, respectively.


SOURCE: Lee Kahrs, The Other Paper