Digital Delivery Help & Support

Welcome to the new digital edition of The Other Paper.   Please refer to the documentation below if you have problems using our site.

Computer Requirements

To access the digital edition of The Other Paper, you’ll need a computer with the following specifications:

  • Web browser that supports Adobe Flash. (Internet Explorer v8.0+ or FireFox v3.6+)
  • Broadband Internet connection.


To begin reading The Other Paper visit, and click on the ‘Current Issue’ button.  You’ll immediately see the front page of the current issue of the newspaper. 

Issue Navigation

Once the digital edition of The Other Paper is loaded and you see the front page of that issue, you can navigate the newspaper with either your keyboard or with the mouse.

To flip to the next page, click the right arrow button located at the top of the screen or press the “Right Arrow” key on your keyboard.  To flip back to a previous page, click the left arrow button located at the top of the screen or press the “Left Arrow” key on your keyboard.   To go to the first page of an issue, click the far left arrow button, or to go to the last page of an issue, click the farthest right arrow button. Both buttons are located at the top of the screen.

Page Zooming and Navigation

There are three levels of zooming available to make the pages of the digital edition bigger and easier to read.  As you move your mouse across the screen, you’ll notice your mouse arrow changes to a magnifying glass.  Clicking the mouse once will zoom in the page, clicking a second time will zoom you in even further, and clicking a third time will bring you to the maximum zoom level.

While zoomed in, you can move around the page by clicking and holding your mouse button down and dragging around the page.  You also can use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move around the page.  Also, on each edge of the page, you’ll notice arrow buttons that can be clicked with your mouse to move around the page.

To zoom out, you can click the “Zoom Out” button at the top of the screen.  Also, while at the maximum zoom level, you can zoom out by clicking the page once more with your mouse.


To do a topic search, type your keyword into the “Search” box  located at the upper left side of the screen.  You can search just the issue of the newspaper you are viewing or all issues of The Other Paper (dating back to January 1, 2010).   You also can sort your results by relevance, page or issue.  Use the drop down screen in the magnifying glass to further identify your search. Your search results will appear in the search tab on the left.

Advanced Searching Options

To search for an exact phrase, type the phrase in quotes, e.g. “The Other Paper.”

To do a partial word search, place an * at the end, e.g. Paper*

To get the closest match, place a ~ at the end, e.g. Paper~

To filter your search, use AND or OR to separate your words, e.g. Other AND Paper or Other  OR Paper.


Access is available to an archive dating back to January 1, 2010. Additional issues will be added soon.   To access the archive, click the “Archive” tab located at the far left of the screen.  The front page of each issue will be loaded.  Click on the front page of the issue you’d like to view.  To close the archive screen, click the “X” at the top right of the screen.