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Thursday February 06, 2014

My name is Tracey Harrington and I am running for the 3-year seat on your City Council.  I have lived in South Burlington for 10 years and work as a Systems Developer for the Department of Corrections.  I am currently the Vice Chair of your Planning Commission.  I was elected as a Justice of the Peace and sit on both the Board of Civil Authority and Board of Abatement.  I also am a member of my Homeowner’s Association Board of Directors.

When I ran for City Council two years ago (as Tracey Tapley), I ran for one simple reason: I wanted to get more involved with City government in order to represent my neighbors and the residents of South Burlington.  That has not changed.  My primary goals in running this year are to increase transparency and collaboration in government, ensure fact-based decision making, promote sustainable fiscal responsibility, and bring a more vibrant and energetic voice to the City Council.  

I am very proud of my achievements as a Planning Commissioner.  We are collaborating with UVM, a major landowner in South Burlington, engaging many residents to participate in the Form Based Code planning efforts, submitting grants to the Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission for planning the airport neighborhood future, and studying the Williston Road transportation corridor in order to address traffic congestion, among other planning initiatives.  We reinstituted the Sustainable Agriculture and Affordable Housing committees in order to include more community input in our planning process.  I also chair the Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) subcommittee working with developers and residents to re-evaluate whether to expand the TDR program city-wide so that all interests are equally represented.  

I have successfully led groups made up of people with diverse backgrounds to reach consensus on complicated matters.  I welcome differing opinions, for this is what true democracy is about.  I always strive to see things from a different perspective.  Personally and professionally, I routinely gather all relevant facts before making a decision.  Making decisions without having the necessary information is irresponsible and poorly serves our City’s residents.

I’ve heard people comment many times that we are an aging community and we need to get more young people involved.  I agree.   As a young IT professional, I bring a fresh perspective and approach to city governance.  I look forward to sharing my insights and experience with new innovative technologies so we can make further progress in City planning, and outreach.  I represent a segment of our population who has not historically had direct participation on our City Council.  Please vote on March 4 for transparent, energetic, thoughtful leadership you can trust.