Solar development has been a hot topic in South Burlington.

City Breaks Ground On Dorset Park Solar Array

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Thursday May 02, 2013

The City of South Burlington has begun work on a solar panel installation – a 60 kW array – south and east of the Dorset Park stormwater pond.  This solar project, approved last fall by the City Council, advances South Burlington’s goals by offsetting a portion of the municipal electrical usage with locally generated renewable energy.  Each year the Dorset Park solar array will generate approximately 70,000 kWh of carbon-free electricity, roughly the equivalent of the annual consumption of the City’s Public Works facility; or the annual household power usage for 17 homes based on the average Vermont home.

“I think this is great, it’s a lot of carbon reduction and the savings to the tax payer is significant,” says Energy Committee Chair Don Cummings, noting that this project helps meet the City’s comprehensive plan goals to reduce reliance on non-renewable energy sources.  The City estimates that the project has an added benefit of saving over $200,000 in municipal electrical costs over the life of the project.  

The State of Vermont Clean Energy Development Fund provided incentives for the nine rack  project with partial funding, enabling municipal ownership of the array.  The City worked with a local company, Encore Redevelopment, to put the project together.  This is not South Burlington’s first foray into solar – the City signed a group net metering agreement in 2011 with The Farm at South Village, a small scale solar electric generation system located off of Spear Street.

SOURCE: City of South Burlington