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Thursday October 25, 2018

Name: Frank Davis, District 7-3
Party: Progressive

Education: Bachelor of Arts, University of the Arts; MBA, University of Phoenix; DBA, Argosy University

Occupation: Candidate for Public Office
Years as SB resident: Four

1 What skills and experience uniquely qualify you for the position of State Representative? (100 words)

Thirty+ years as educator, last 10+ as faculty at various universities. Approaching two decades in management, 10 years in the financial sector. Twelve years as a counselor/therapist/social worker; lifelong artist and lifelong learner. Professional Honors: Phi Beta Delta (International Honors Greek Society), Sigma Beta Delta (National Honors Greek Society for Business) Top 10 percent student engagement with University; honorarium; Serial Conference Speaker. International Society for Self-Directed Learning; Community Affiliation: Vermont

Vice Chair of the Progressive Party, South Burlington; UU of Burlington; Burlington chapter of Mastermind; Designbook Community; Regularly published since 2009; Federal background and SEC clearances.

2 What is the most important statewide legislative issue to be addressed in the upcoming term, and what specific solutions do you suggest or support in overcoming the problem? (100 words)

I’m uninterested in pigeonholing myself to one issue. I am on record having taken a variety of stands on most issues affecting the state. The greatest long-term threat to Vermont and our way of life is how the current Trump administration has marketed immigration and climate change as boogiemen. I am likely the first on record, and you will assuredly hear more as the crisis befalls us. We have an opportunity to prepare for an influx of internally displaced citizens. And to begin planning now will guarantee the most comfortable transition, as well as our way of life.

3 What are the key issues 1) in your own district, and 2) in the City of South Burlington? How will you address these locally and on the state level?  (200 words)

1. Balancing affordability and quality of life.
2. Championing South Burlington at the Statehouse to ensure the wise and efficient completion of the downtown, and advocating for a municipal Convention Center at the airport. Both to supersede the land squandered to an outside commercial interest, as well as filling a glaring need.

4 What specific priorities or objectives do you hope to accomplish if elected? (100 words)

Vermont has been a national leader on land use policy with a lengthy history of confronting extraordinary challenges. I believe we need to balance building a more robust infrastructure while honoring our brand as we look forward, anticipate welcoming an influx of displaced citizens in the next decade, creating the attractive job growth we need, mitigating impacts, all while ensuring Vermont’s unique character within such a long-term vision.