About The Other Paper

Our goal is simple. We aim to connect our readers to all that is South Burlington. As a community newspaper focused on friends and neighbors, current events and issues in local government, schools, and businesses we hope to add to the identity and pride of a solid community, and to foster more engaged citizenship. In addition to recording the history of South Burlington and its people, we strive to provide an expanding resource for information, reflection and opinion with a local perspective, and give high priority to celebrating the accomplishments of its readers. Continue to look for us in your mailbox every Thursday.

The Other Paper is for, by, and about South Burlington. We are delighted to present our new online digital edition. . .in it’s entirety. View our pages, exactly as they appear in the print edition and search our archives. We invite you to get involved with our new interactive features! View photo slideshows, watch local meetings and community events on our video feeds, participate in our reader polls and surveys, voice your opinion in the “What do you think?” blog, send us news tips, story ideas, and photos, and use our easy links to connect with city, school and community entities!

Judy Kearns