Third graders with their teacher, Jackie Bailey, during RMCS’s Open House.

A Warm Welcome at RMCS

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Thursday October 11, 2018

Children and families flooded the halls of Rick Marcotte Central School on Oct. 4 for a school-wide open house, a one-hour evening event that gives students a chance to show their families around their classroom and meet with their teachers. RMCS Principal Brent Coon was on hand to welcome all who attended.

As families arrived, everyone was greeted with a big sign reading “Welcome Parents!” The sounds of excited children, eager to share their school, filled the hallways. Families were invited to explore the different aspects of a typical day in their child’s classroom and all were encouraged to visit their art, music, library, and physical education teachers as well.

In Jackie Bailey’s third grade class, parents were given a worksheet to walk through with their children and discover the different treasures in her classroom. The students eagerly showed off the “peace corner”, “decorated stars”, and “goal banners”. Parents sat with their children and read through writing notebooks and had the opportunity to see the class’ current math problems. It was a great night for the RMCS community.

SOURCE: Abby Crocker, RMCS PTO